To support Flashback Theater Co.’s commitment to developing and retaining local talent, we strive to provide accessible theater education opportunities for all ages and experience levels. We believe that our artists thrive when given the opportunity to continually develop their skills and technique: When our artists get better, our productions gets better, and those who may have started as beginners are able to take on new roles as teachers and leaders, creating a thriving artistic community. Additionally, Flashback serves the community through Outreach events, introducing the magic of theater to new audiences throughout the Lake Cumberland region.

Junior Cast Program

The junior cast program gives students the opportunity to shadow the mainstage cast of a Flashback production, and perform in a touring version of our Somerstage production. Students will learn performance skills that prepare them for professional theatre opportunities.

Script Club

More info coming soon.



For performers interested in developing their skills in a specific area of expertise,  Flashback offers Masterclasses. Led by experts with regional and national experience. Learn more here.

Friends of Flashback; Resources for our Region

If you are an adult looking for educational and performance opportunities, check out Theatre and Film at Somerset Community College.

If you are looking for educational and performance opportunities for children, please check out Lake Cumberland Children’s Theatre.

If you are looking for Voice Lessons, please check out our friends at Balltrip Voice Studio and Realign Voice Studio.