Flashback Theater Co. is excited to announce a return to its early roots of monthly improv nights in its newest endeavor: The Strikes Improv Troupe! Led by previous Second Saturday Host, Brian Herrmann, The Strikes will be holding try-outs on October 23, 2021 at Flashback Theater. Those wishing to try out should arrive at 7:00 p.m. for a warm up session and to learn the improv games for the night. Anyone wishing to participate as an audience member can join the session at 8:30 p.m. 

Born from Second Saturday workshops, which often included improv game nights, The Strikes will be continuing the monthly trek into the world of improv with a dedicated troupe playing improv games to build on the spot stories. The Strikes are looking for 4-6 actors, ages 18 and up, to join the troupe. The Strikes will meet once per month for a practice session and public performance. 

The most exciting and difficult part of theater is the ability to improvise on stage, and the only way to improve at improvisation is to keep at it. Previously, Second Saturdays allowed for actors to have a monthly opportunity to get together and hone their improvisational chops. With a dedicated troupe, the monthly improv session will have more consistency and allow for longer form improv games and stories, as well as create a more defined performance option for those wishing to observe.

The new troupe adds to Flashback Theater’s growing programming options, highlighting the diverse set of talents and experience levels of the local performing arts community. 

“We keep expanding our talent pool,” explains Sommer Schoch, the Producing Artistic Director of Flashback Theater. “As it expands, we are able to offer more variety and appeal to different audience members, while challenging our artists in new ways.”

Two men improvising an eyeglass

Chris Harris and Thomas Alvey looking for the new Strikes Troupe

The Strikes will spend a few months rehearsing before offering performances. This will give the troupe enough time to build trust as a team and test out a variety of improv games. The eventual goal will be a regular late-night improv session, similar to the well known TV series Whose Line is It Anyway?, in which four actors play improv games that utilize suggestions (and the occasional volunteer) from the audience.

“The troupe members will help to develop the future direction of the program but Brian and I envision it as an addition to our Fringe series, and we expect to be playing to a young professional audience that likes to go out on the weekends,” adds Schoch.

For those interested in joining, there are no requirements for prior theater experience. “Honestly, anyone who has played a game of pretend is qualified,” says Schoch, “and the only rule of improv is to say ‘Yes, and!’” 

If you want to say “Yes, and!” to The Strikes try-outs, all you need to do is show up at Flashback Theater (400 E. Mount Vernon St.) in downtown Somerset on Saturday, October 23 at 7:00 p.m. Wear comfortable clothing you can move around in and bring your collaborative spirit too. And if inspiration strikes, you’ll be a part of The Strikes!



Flashback Theater Black Box
400 E. Mount Vernon St.
Somerset, Kentucky

Date and Time:

Saturday, October 23 at 7:00 PM